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Windy City Wargaming Episode 13: Naughty & Nice 2015

In this episode, Chris and Mark are joined by Julie and we talk holiday stuff as we approch Christmas time.

Merry Christmas from all of us over here at Mercenary Miniatures and Windy City Wargaming and we’ll see you in 2016!!

Special thanks as always to Draxtar Games in Batavia & Dan Z.

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Windy City Wargaming episode 12 part 2: BIRTHDAY!!!!

So, after many changes in life, and a calming of the hectic lives of your hosts, we’re coming back with part 2 of episode 12 where to kick things off, Chris talks with Mike at the end of Dragon Fall and gets some after thoughts of the event.

Then we get back into it talking on everything from the new Tau all the way to Tabletop manners.