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Windy City Wargaming Episode 24: Adepticon 2017 Live Coverage

Hey Wargamers!

In this episode, listen in to join the WCWG team on some pretty awesome talks the guys got to take part in at Adepticon this year! Presented to you commercial free! Talks include, but not limited to, Anvil 8 Games, Trenchworx, Warlord Games, and Games & Gears.

Thank you to all who talked to us over the weekend, we all had a great time! We will see you soon for episode 25!

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Windy City Wargaming Episode 23: Countdown to A-Con is On!

Welcome back everyone!

In this episode, we chat about what we’re getting ready for the Midwest’s biggest hobby event of the year! We run through some new exciting stuff going on in Mercenary Miniatures world and we welcome our new sponsor: Grognard Games!

Come find us at adepticon this year as we’ll probably be doing an on site podcast talking with some folks and maybe pulling in some hobby celebs for a chat if they’re willing!

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Windy City Wargaming Episode 22: Sayonara 2016

Welcome back to all of our listeners!

In this episode (despite calling it Episode 23 early on in the show…good job Chris) Mark and Chris talk about Arena Rex, Give the Mercenary Miniatures Year in Review and have a pretty Star Wars: Rouge One heavy open range (spoilers included in the open range, ye be warned!)

So from all of us over at Windy City Wargaming, Merry Christmas and have a happy, safe New Year and we will see you in 2017!

Special thanks to our sponsor: Dragon Fall

And dont forget to register for Polar Vortex its coming up!

And as always a special thanks to Draxtar Games

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Windy City Wargaming Episode 21: Fall Event Round Up

Welcome back to all our listeners!

In this episode, we have a full bench as we discuss the Fall Chicago events that we’ve attended. Keep an eye out for Polar Vortex in January!

We’re hoping to get another show out before the New Year, so stay tuned for that and Have a merry Christmas everyone!

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Armies of Germany Second Edition Pre-Order

Attention Commander!

Are you faithfully commanding the Wehrmacht across the snow covered Russian front? Have you jumped alongside the Fallschirmjäger behind enemy lines?

Then you need the newest arms and armament for the fight against the Allies and secure victory for Germany!

Armies of German Second Edition

You can pre-order the newest army book for Warlord Games’ Bolt Action right here at Mercenary Miniatures for only $25

The Armies of Germany book has been update to contain all the new rules and bring it to the cutting edge of Bolt Action Second Edition. Get those buzzsaws ready!

Don’f forget to snag those much needed templates and pin markers while you’re here!409000001-bolt-action-templates-a_grande

Your peace of mind is on our mind…

As always, Mercenary Miniatures is very concerned with your peace of mind while shopping with us. We utilize Amazon to process all payments which means all of your information is secure and you can sleep easy!


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Sneak peek of things to come

As we come up to the Dragonfall Bolt Action event, the team at Mercenary Miniatures is hard at work preparing some beautiful objective markers for the event.

The event at Dragonfall rocking the weekend of October 15th and 16th has many events in store for all who stop by. Mercenary Miniatures’ own Chris Pawl and Mark Halberg will be running the Warhammer 40k and Bolt Action events respectively.


There are still a few spots available for event at Dragonfall, get your tickets now before it is too late!

The bolt Action event will be the event of many firsts! First Dragonfall Bolt Action tournament, first (that we know of) Second Edition Bolt Action event, and first Attrition format tournament!

The Attrition format is the brainchild of Aaron Jobgen, one of the members of Chicago Bolt Action and was originally developed for a long term campaign intended to be played over many many months, Aaron and Mark teamed up to adapt the rules for a tournament setting and will be running the event on October 16th.

Bolt Action Attrition

Finally, here is the sneak peek the post title promised! It is a shot of the first objective marker painted for Dragonfall. This objective marker is a stack of weapon crates tastefully and partially covered by a tarpaulin, which is being weighed down by some bricks.

One of the new objective markers painted up by Mark Halberg
One of the new objective markers painted up by Mark Halberg

These objective markers will come in packs of three unique markers all themed around the idea of supply caches and will also be available individually if you want to expand your collection!

Stay tuned for the launch of these objective markers in our online store!

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List Submission for Dragonfall 2016!


If you are attending the Bolt Action Attrition Tournament at Dragonfall this year, please remember to submit your army lists to this weekend!

If you have not gotten your tickets for the event yet head over to the registration page to secure your spot, space is filling up so hurry on up!

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Windy City Wargaming Episode 20: Pre Dragon-Fall & Apparently we’ve been doing this 2 years now…Yay!

Welcome back everyone and thanks for popping in for another installment of WCWG!

So Dragon-Fall is right around the corner (2 weeks from when I’m publishing this episode) and, as a sponsor and tournament organizers, we could not be more thrilled! Space is still available, but not too much, so if you’re on the fence, don’t think about it, come out and have a good time!

We also talk a bit about the recent release of Bolt Action 2nd Edition, and how Mercenary Miniatures has the new rulebook in stock!

So I cant believe it has been two years since we got this podcast going! Lot of great new friends met over the years because of this silly adventure! We wanna just take a second to thank all of you for listening, as it is, this is in fact YOUR podcast, we just turn the mics on and deliver our brand of entertainment, so Thank you all for keeping us on your playlists, and cheers to many more to come!


Mercenary Miniatures

Draxtar Games

Dragon Fall

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World At War Round Up

Hello Gamers!

So the next podcast will be coming out next week and figured you all needed something to tide you over til then so, here it is!

Over this past weekend (7/30/16) Our humble Bolt Action group (Northwest Chicago Suburbs Bolt Action, and yes, we’re working on the name) Held our first official themed event, going with Blitzkrieg, Europe pre-1943. This was a new challenge for a few of us, as we never really put any thought into early war anything (and for myself, didn’t even have a suitable army for as I play mostly mid-late war veteran Americans).
So quickly we all gathered our paints, brushes and snagged a few new mini’s (or a whole amrys worth in my case, thanks to our friend down south at NWS Online, you’re a lifesaver bud) and we all hunkered down to see what we could all come up with. So for the months leading up to the event, our facebook groups timeline was ablaze with everyone’s hobby progress, and I gotta tell you, it was really cool to have everyone working on new stuff at the same time! One of the main reasons I love Bolt Action so much is the community that surrounds it. Very few times have i found myself in the middle of a game of BA thinking to myself ‘I am not having fun right now’ no matter the game circumstances, and I largely attribute that to the players that I’ve come into contact with, many of whom I now call Friends.

Ok, enough of the mushy stuff, lets get back to the topic at hand (for those of you who listen to the podcast, you already know side tangents are par for the course, and apparently even in Blog posts).
So for my Early War Army, I chose to go with the Polish Army, Defense of Poland 1939 Theater Selector. In other words, I bought the 1000 point Polish Army Box and made a few tweaks to it and ran that, because I’m kinda lazy. Painting them up was a fun new challenge though, which took far less time than I originally thought. All in all, I painted 37 infantry, 3 team weapons, 8 Cavalry, a Tankett, and a Light Tank in about a month and a half (all in between commission work and other normal life things). Good job me (pats self on back).

My completed Polish Army w/ Display board.

So flashing forward to the event, one day tournament with pre-set matches to keep the games thematic. Players signed up for alignment (Axis-Allies) upon registration. Axis side was mostly German to no real surprise, and a Hungarian player. On the Allies, there was two Polish, French, two BEF, and a Soviet player. Here are a few snaps from the event. (Black & White pics photo credit to Aaron Schmidt, Color photos are mine)

Polish Lancers on patrol.

German Improvised MG nest.

German infantry mustering for a push on the Allied Lines.

Polish Lancers investigating shots ringing out in the streets.

German 88 on over-watch looking for targets of opportunity. Strongest gun at the event, by a lot!

German Armor pushing on French Defenders.

Forward observer’s view as he radios back the positions of advancing Hungarian light armor.

All in all, it was a pretty incredible event, thanks to tournament organizer: Seamus Hamrin for putting it all on for us. The end totals were: Axsis – 89 battle points to Allies – 237 battle points… Changing history one dice roll at a time!

Cant wait to see what theater General Hamrin picks for next year.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for thew next podcast episode and keep them paintbrushes working and those dice rolling!

– Chris –

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Windy City Wargaming Episode 19: Guild Konflict & Balls ’47 (that cant be right….)

Welcome back loyal listeners!

In this Episode, Mark and Chris talk Guild Ball and speculate on the upcoming Warlord Games Konflict ’47.

Brought to you as always by:

Dragon Fall

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Special Thanks to:

World at War

Draxtar Games

Thanks for listening, and we’ll see you in Episode 20!

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Windy City Wargaming Episode 18: Technology Be Damned!

So after getting our tech sorted out, we are back in business!

In this epiosode, Mark and Chris sit down and talk Tanks, Halo Ground Command, Tammia Weathering Master kits, and much more! Thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you in a couple weeks.

Brought to you as always by:

Dragon Fall

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And Special thanks as always to:

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Windy City Wargaming Episode 16: After Adepticon Chat

We’re back with the next episode in our new format!

Mark and Chris have Mad Dog Miller in the third chair so listen in as hilarity or something like it ensues as we discuss our Adepticon experiences.

Brought to you as always by Mercenary Miniatures and Dragon Fall.