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“WIP Wednesdays” with MadDog

What’s up, Wargamers?! MadDog here with a cool new monthly theme, ‘WIP (work in progress) Wednesdays’! Tonight, I’m going to show you my latest model that I’m have a LOT of fun with. The part of this that I’m most proud of is the base. Here’s how I started.

Whenever I start a new model that I’m going to put a lot of time and effort into, I like to use my airbrush to spray on the primer. I use Vallejo Gray primer and then wash it with a black wash, usually Citadel’s Nuln Oil. Any black wash I have at hand works though. I do this to help me lay down my base coats and get a better feel for the model.

Once the base coats were down on the model, I started to base. I had a really cool idea for this specific base and I couldn’t wait to start! Typically I won’t base the model until it’s finished or very close to being finished. As this model is ‘jumping’ forward off of a pile of old blocks, I decided to go for an overgrown ruins look for the base. So I put down Citadel’s Stirland Mud technical paint for the base, I added hobby bricks and applied a heavy dose of brown wash.

In order to make the base feel more organic, I added some cat tails and re-applied stirland mud. This gives the appearance of the plants growing out of the base as opposed to sitting on top of it.


Once the wash dried, I lightly drybrushed three different shades of brown, starting with a shade that was just a little bit brighter than the actual base. Then, bringing up the highlights of the mud, I went higher with the other two shades. This gives an effect that brings depth to any base.

After the drybrushing, the final part was the grass. Here, I simply used PVA glue to apply two different shades of green flock, starting with the darker shade on the bottom. After that, I used some hobby tufts to add in an appearance of some of the overgrowth being dead grass.

Everything is coming together very well with this model and I’m having so much fun with it. All that’s really left with this model is some final detailing to the Viking himself.

Share what you’re working on, wargamers! Let’s see your next Crystal Brush entries!

Until next time, MadDog out!


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Mercenary Miniatures Product Highlight: Objective Markers

Greetings, Wargamers! MadDog here with a product highlight of our newest product line!

Adepticon 2017 is coming up and most of us will need some sort of objective marker(s) for our tournaments or games. We’re releasing these with enough time for everyone to pick up a set to use for Adepticon.

We have our markers available for $10 each or (awesome deal) $25 for all three. Take a look at our objective markers in action!

So, whether you need objective markers for Adepticon, your next tournament or your next pick up game against your friend, check out this link and get your hands on our latest release!

Until next time, Wargamers! MadDog, out!


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Army Showcase – MadDog’s Blitzkrieg Germans

What’s up, Wargamers?! MadDog here with something I’ve wanted to do for a while now. I want to showcase my early war German army for everyone! This is the force I made for and used at World at War last year. I based it specifically off of one of the very first units to step into Poland in September of 1939. That was, of course, the theme for the event. Shout out to Weekend General for running that awesome tournament, by the way.

With this army, I won two accolades. Best Theme and Appearance, and Best Axis General. This is why I’m so proud of this army and I wanted to go through what I’ve built and share it with you.

To start, I’ll go through the recreation portion. Here is the first page of my ‘write up’, which will explain the units I based this army on.


September, 1939

Offensive on Poland, city of Mokra



Under the support of:



Commander: General Peter Weyer

I came up with a cool write up with some quotes and a little background on the unit itself, which was among the first specific units to set foot into Poland in 1939.

We’ll start off with my Command Staff.

Everything in my World at War list was rated at Regular. Didn’t make much sense, in my opinion, to have Veteran status units in September of 1939. As stated above, this unit was under the support of the Luftwaffe 4th Air Fleet. So naturally, I included Forward Air Observers. These are my favorite models in this army.

For my troop selections, I decided to keep it somewhat simple and thematic. 3 Regular infantry units, the NCO has a submachine gun and one light machine gun per squad. The rest were simply riflemen.

The squad machine gunners were all accompanied by their loader. I really liked building these models and having them close to the machine gunners. Doing this always keeps up the ‘cool factor’ for me.

The light infantry needs some transport so, in keeping with the theme of the event, I decided to stick exclusively with half tracks instead of trucks.

This was my first time building removable team bases, but I’m very happy with how they turned out. Here is the medium machine gun team.

For more infantry support, I chose another thematic unit, the Pak 36 ‘door knocker’, also with removable infantry.

I had a two choices for early war armored cars, but I chose the Skdfz 222 because I really like how they look.

It was common for these to be named. My 222 is named ‘Siegfried’. Check out my old friend Siegfried in action in my battle report here:

Last, but certainly not least, I chose the very thematic Panzer II.

I hope you all enjoyed taking a look at my award winning army! Share some pictures of your favorites below!

MadDog out!

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Featured Review: Konflikt ’47, Wehrmacht Heavy Infantry and LMG Team

What’s up, wargamers! Mad Dog here with my first review of 2017! I decided to start off with a review of one of Warlord Games’ newest systems, Konflikt ’47. The first things I noticed about these models is the serious “cool factor” they carry with them. This is a kit that makes you say “dang, that’s cool” just by looking at the box. That being said, this kit has been one of the easiest pewter kits I’ve had the honor of working with. From the ease of cleaning to their assembly, these models were very very easy to work with. As soon as they came out of the box, they were looking very cool indeed. Here is a pair that’s been built and primed.


The first thing that popped out to me was the new plate armor and what look like respirators(?) on the gear bags. It’s a pretty intriguing mix of historical gear and new “cool” gear.

As you can see here on the LMG unit, there aren’t very many pieces altogether. Legs and body are one piece, which is always nice. The arms and rifle are a single piece as well, which amounted to a few less steps in itself.

Here, on the arms, there is very minimal flash and although the rifle tips are bent, it was very easy bending back and into place. I had zero problems with any rifles’ barrels snapping off. This is something I can’t say for all pewter kits I’ve worked with in the past. There are also minimal mold lines. I only had to whip out my trusty file for a few seconds per shoulder pad.

The heads came with gas masks and a couple without. The only mold lines to be handled here are on the top of the helmet, which is par for the course. This is another “cool factor” for this kit. Just one more time I caught myself saying, “dang, this is cool”.

First, I assembled a pair of them and primed them with Vallejo Grey (74.601) Surface Primer through my airbrush. This is my preferred way of priming infantry models. The details all very clearly pop out and the “cool factor” really comes to life at this point.

Also, as a side note, I’ve found that priming models with such a light color really helps to bring out any missed mold lines or imperfections that I’ve missed in the initial cleaning process. Here, I missed a couple mold lines and it’s very easy to see them. This gives me a chance to do a final check before I start laying down paint.

So, all in all, this is a very cool kit. I’m very much looking forward to revealing my super secret, eyes only, confidential plans that I have for these models with all of our subscribers. Until then, Mad Dog gives the Wehrmacht Heavy Infantry and the Heavy LMG Infantry kits BOTH 5 star reviews. Expect a very easy cleaning session and a very high “cool factor” with these models.

Until next time, wargamers! Mad Dog, out!

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Battle Report with MadDog – Germans vs. Finns

Wargamers! MadDog here with my first Battle Report! I’ve got tons of cool pictures of my favorite personal army (Blitzkrieg Germans) that I used at World at War and Duane’s Finnish army. Check it out!

Last night, we played a REALLY cool scenario that Lee Schmitz came up with and he will be coming up with new weekly scenarios for everyone to play. If you’re in the Chicago area and are looking for an awesome group of Bolt Action players, definitely check out the Chicago Bolt Action page. And if you’re already on the page, make sure you get up to Draxtar on Thursday nights for these scenarios!

Here are the armies!

Duane’s Finns, looking fabulous.


And here are my Blitzkrieg Germans. I’m very proud of this army.


This is my deployment area, and Duane’s was opposite mine which forced him to use the road to approach.

Deployment zones in this scenario were table quarters, which is always dynamic in any game of Bolt Action. Duane rolled high and elected to attack. So I picked the table quarter in which I could utilize roads to funnel in the attackers and had some cover and line of sight blockers. In this scenario, the building only counted as soft cover, but I still used it to my advantage as best as I could.

Very straight forward so far.

I positioned two full half tracks facing the road. All of my units deployed on ambush on turn one. Which was intimidating to approach.

I also positioned my Skdfz222, AKA Siegfried, facing the road on ambush. The Light Autocannon here and on my Panzer II were my only heavy hitters. Having our lists at 800 points left me without my Pak36 ‘door knocker’. So I left my Panzer II and an extra unit of infantry somewhat behind the action, to come in as an improvised reserve unit later in the game. (Which paid off late in the game).

Starting off with Turn One, all of my units were on ambush, so General Zoldak had free reign on his entire unit. Right away, his T-28 moved up to meet the Germans head on. This was my far my biggest obstacle as I had a difficult time answering the front armor on a Light Tank (8+) with only one autocannon. As he finished his move up the road, I did the best I could to slow his advance with an ambush order from ‘Siegfried’. The Autocannon hit, but was unable to penetrate the front armor.

With all of its MMGs and one Light Howitzer, the T-28 promptly passed an orders check and went to work. Laying out pins on the Germans, but thankfully missing the Machine Gun team in the building with an artillery shell. Behind the T-28, the infantry advances forward. I keep my half tracks on ambush and wait for the advancing infantry to come into range.

With a mostly quiet back and forth on Turn One, Turn Two begins with haste. Most of my units are still on ambush and biding their time. Plenty of targets are working their way closer to the teeth of German Machine Guns.

The T-28 gets the first order die and deals out more pins. The amount of machine guns on the T-28 were very difficult to contend with and having open topped half tracks gave him plenty of opportunity to bog my units down.

The Red Dice denote my pins and the T-28 was quite generous in doling them out.

More infantry continued to move forward across the bridge and a squad was finally in range. My first half track ambushed and put a pin on an advancing unit, but caused no wounds. My second half track ambushed Duane’s advancing Officer, causing a pin and killing the assistant. I got my hopes up for the Officer failing his required orders check, but he stood his ground.

More infantry advanced forward and a unit of Riflemen came up from the river bed and put a pin on Siegfried (Skdfz 222).

At this point, my defenders are getting heavily pinned, but standing their ground. Until I attempt to activate Siegfried. My plan was to advance forward and fire on the side armor of the T-28. With 3 pins and out of Command Range, Siegfried failed the check and had to fall back from cover. One of my half tracks follows suit, failing an activation check and falling back. Things are looking rough for the defenders. “Pinning enemies out” is proving to be quite a formidable tactic here. My Panzer II moves forward in the river bed, poised to strike, but still out of range.

The Finns answer by moving a tank hunting squad into the river bed, opposite the bridge. The tension is building and things are about to get bloody.

The Finn sniper and Anti-Tank Rifle team move forward to attempt to get better position and keep up with the rest of their unit and Turn Two comes to a close. Now, things are starting to heat up at this little crossroads.


Turn Three begins with the T-28 activating first again, ridding itself of its own pins and distributing more to my Germans and being very generous about it. This time, the howitzer is fired into the building and kills the Machine Gun Team that was still lying in wait, on ambush orders.

My Panzer II moves out of the river bed and is in range of the T-28. It hits and pins, but does no damage. This T-28 is resilient.

Hoping to pincer the T-28, Siegfried activates and moves on the opposite side and fires! But misses its shot and is left in the open.

I’m on a roll with my order die and grab a third in a row. Issuing a “snap to”, I issue orders to my half track to rally (which is successful) and to my infantry to move forward into the building and take the place of the Machine Gun Team.

The Finn anti-tank squad move forward and out of the river bed completely, lining up against the back of a building, telegraphing their next move.

The Finn Anti-tank Rifle team and sniper are still out of range and their shots are blocked by crowded streets. They advance closer to the fight.

Look who stopped by!

Every game has a FUBAR right? If you play me, there’s usually a couple. I tried to rally the infantry unit inside of the half track and…

These pins are truly wearing my defenders down. At this point, I start to think that I may need to fall back further and hopefully be able to get shots onto the infantry to slow their advance. The dice are simply not with me today!

The Finn infantry move forward and place more pins on Siegfried, as he’s now very exposed and doesn’t have cover. I am able to remove a pin from my half track and return fire on an advancing unit, causing a pin and one wound. Not enough to stop the unit, but hopefully the pin will help slow them down.

As Turn Three comes to its end, I issue a rally to the infantry unit inside the half track, which is successful and all pins are removed.

Turn Four begins and the crossroads are heating up! My Panzer II moves forward again to get an optimal shot on the T-28 and destroys it.



The Panzer’s move forward wasn’t enough to get it out of range of the Anti-Tank unit, which was a calculated risk. The unit rushes forward and assaults the Panzer II in the street!

Their attack proves fruitless, and they’re left in the open. My Germans took this opportunity to answer and assaulted the Finns in the street. Street Fight!

The Germans had ‘tough fighter’ for this scenario and swiftly destroyed the Finn unit. They then consolidated back into the cover of the building.

The Finn infantry is out of the small wooded area and moves to assault Siegfried! I was left with a choice; open fire with a Medium Machine Gun and take as many infantry down as I could to slow their inevitable advance further into my table quarter, or recce further backwards into my own deployment area. I chose to open fire, which proved fruitless while only eliminating a single infantry unit.

The assault was successful and Siegfried was quickly dispatched to a burning hulk of twisted steel. Poor Siegfried!


The battle is very close quarters now as another assault is ordered on one of my half tracks. The infantry unit inside dismounts and meets the Finns for more hand-to-hand fighting.


The Finns were outnumbered and pitted against Tough Fighters. The Germans consolidated further up the street to continue the fight.

The remaining German unit in the half track dismounts and opens fire on the exposed Finns that took away our beloved Siegfried!

Coming up on the end of the Turn Four, the Finnish sniper and ATR team are still lagging behind and out of range. They move forward to get into the fight late in the game.

The beginning of Turn Five had the potential to completely turn the game. “Titan of Industry” was a special rule written into this scenario, which allowed the attacker (Duane) to bring any destroyed units from the previous turn onto the table as reserves. This had me concerned.

To start Turn Five, I got the first order and promptly opened fire on the exposed Siegfried killers, eliminating the unit and finally bringing swift justice to the awful invader.

The Germans inside the building fire at the unit across the street and end up wounding two Finns.

The Finns’ numbers are dwindling after the close fighting in the streets. The Panzer II opens fire on the same unit and wounds three more and the unit is forced to take the aptly named “check your pants check” when losing 50% of the unit (thanks for that, Chris). But this particular Finn is quite brave and stands his ground against the mighty Panzer.

In an unsuccessful attempt to destroy the unit, the half track moves up and puts more fire onto the brave Finn.

In true Batman Begins style, the half track surrendered sure footing for a killing blow. The Finn ATR team was on the bridge, just waiting for the opportunity to fire on the half track. The shot hit, but did not cause any damage. The lone sniper advanced again and attempted a shot at an exposed infantry unit, but failed.

This brought an end to Turn Five and a wonderful beginning to a truly humble and respectable concession speech by the attackers’ General. In the typical Chicago Bolt Action fashion, both players shook hands, smiled and congratulated each other on a hard fought and VERY fun game.

This was a very fun game with a very dynamic rules set that set it apart from any of the main rule book missions; which is always a welcomed change of pace. Thanks, Duane!

Many thanks to Dan at Draxtar games!

This was my first battle report so please feel free to let me know how you liked it!

Until next time, Wargamers! MadDog, out!



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Windy City Wargaming Episode 19: Guild Konflict & Balls ’47 (that cant be right….)

Welcome back loyal listeners!

In this Episode, Mark and Chris talk Guild Ball and speculate on the upcoming Warlord Games Konflict ’47.

Brought to you as always by:

Dragon Fall

Mercenary Miniatures

Special Thanks to:

World at War

Draxtar Games

Thanks for listening, and we’ll see you in Episode 20!

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Forgeworld Imperial Knight Lancer Project

So I’ve been sitting on this post for a while, as it is, I have had the kit for about 6 months now (purchased at Adepticon 2015 from the Forgeworld table) and its been complete for 4 months now.


Above is the kit as it came out of the bag still on their resin “road blocks”. After soaking all the peices in a room temp water and dish soap bath to remove the release agent. After all that fun, I went threw everything with a fine tooth comb and much to my surprise, there was not a lot of extra cleaning and scraping to do to clean the model. So, on to construction!


So, a pretty simple build on the base, utilizing some old 40k terrain from the bits drawer, I mocked up a small ruined urban environment and initially added some black Templars to spice it up (but ultimately decided to pull the dudes off). Finally I placed the main center supports for the feet and pinned them in (no glue yet though).


So, after removing the Templars, i then mocked the legs, determined they were in appropriate spots and began building the legs up. For any of you who have built imperial titan models before, y’all know that the feet and legs are the biggest pain in the ass on the model. After minor adjustments to the feet positions, the legs were standing strong.



As predicted, the rest of the torso went together very easily. At this point, a pin is holding the torso onto the hips and the armor plates are only pressure fit on for painting reasons.


Primed and gradient armor layers started.


First layers of armor color using P3 Turquoise ink.


Another P3 Armor Wash layer then starting to add the gold trim. Also the first Stencil Layer on the armor, using a celtic knotwork theme.


putting it all together and getting the base metallics on the hardware.


Building up the hardware metallics and gold trim, not too much left to do!



Final touches, built up the Armor a bit more to finish out the graidience on the armor and added glow effects. It was a long project, but the end result was worth it!


Thanks for the read and Stay tuned for more articles to come!

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Operation Sting Primer @ Draxtar Games 9/27/15

Hello again everyone,

Sarge here telling all you fine Bolt Action players about the next tournament I am putting on at Draxtar Games in Batavia. This will be a special installment in our local tournament scene as I have talked to Brent and we are going to ise this as the official Operation Sting Primer event. The first 20 participants will receive a limited edition Soviet Female sniper model and there will be trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place (in addition to the usual store credit prize support).

So that being said, bring out your 1000 point single generic reinforced infantry platoon and give it some table time before Operation Sting and workout those last minute bugs before the big show in October.

Sign in will start at 1pm at Draxtar and tables will be called at 2pm. Each game will last 2 hours with a 30min lunch between game 1 and 2. Registration will be $10 ($5 to prize support and $5 to personal store credit).

Remember no vehicle flamethrowers and this time your commander must be equal to the highest veterancy in your platoon.

Anyquestions feel free to shoot me an email to

Hope to see you all out there!

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Bolt Action Tourney @ Draxtar Games 8/23/15

Hello fellow BA enthusiasts, your Warlord Sarge here to again invite you all to the next tournament!

With Operation Sting and the Michigan GT right around the corner, I was thinking we should up the points for this one.

This tournament will be 1250 points single reinforced platoon utilizing either generic OR any theater selector from a printed book (but only using one platoon). Mission packets, as always, will be provided the day of the tournament.

Sign in will begin at 1:00 pm and I would like dice to start rolling by 1:45 pm (2pm at the latest). The rounds will be 2.5 hours with a 30 min lunch between rounds 1 and 2. Registration will be $10 with $5 Going towards prize support and $5 Going towards personal store credit.

Sorry that this is going out a bit late again, but hope to see you all out there for some BA good times.

Also, on a closing note for future refference, I will be hosting Bolt Action Tournaments at Draxtar EVERY 4TH SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH FROM HERE ON FORWARD. Our little community has proven to Dan that monthly tournaments are a good idea for Bolt Action. So let’s keep up the momentum and start packing these tournaments with great players!

Thanks guys,
Warlord Games Sarge