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Windy City Wargaming Episode 7: Adepticon Countdown Shenanigans

After 30 hours of no sleep, Mark and Chris turn on the mics along with our third cohort Ryan Mad Dog Miller and we talk about board design, and in usual WCWG fashion, we get side tracked quite a bit.

Also, we’re joined By Jeremy Applebaum to talk about Game Seekers, the first Tabletop Gamers social networking site.

And as always we are joined by Izzy B. for a game night.

Thanks everyone and don’t forget to rate us in itunes and like us on facebook.

Brought to you by Mercenary Miniatures.

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Windy City Wargaming Episode 6: Revenge of the Jedi(???)

In episode 6 we’re talkin’ Airbrushing, where to start, and starting tips we’ve learned in our travels.

Mark goes threw Battleground Europe: Normandy to Germany mission compendium for Bolt Action

We’re joined by Brian Niro of Anvil 8 Games and we talk about his game, Aetherium.

Izzy B. also joins us once again for game night, and we talk Heroscape.

Special thanks to:

Brian Niro –

Finally, All of you for tuning in!

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Windy City Wargaming Episode 5: Happy 2015!

We hope you all had a great New Years Eve and thanks for keeping us on your playlist!

In this episode we talk new releases, Beyond the gates of Antares, and upcoming Adepticon! We’re joined by Jeremy Williams, an event planner working with Adepticon talking about Bolt Action Doubles. We’re also joined once again by Izzy B. for game night talking Betrayal at House on the Hill.

We hope you enjoy!


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Blitzkrieg Miniatures M4A3E8 “Easy 8” Model Unboxing

So about a month ago, I was turned on to a company across the pond called Blitzkrieg Miniatures. I was especially thrilled to see that they offered models in the ever elusive 1/56th scale, as to conform with the rest of my bolt action army. So, after paroozing their web store, and freshly seen Fury, I decided to add an Easy 8 to my American motor pool.


Above is how the model arrived at my door. Nothing fancy in terms of packaging, but the model was well protected, so i really couldn’t ask for much more. The main hull of the tank was well wrapped in a medium bubble wrap very snugly, as was the main turret body. The accessories were, on the other hand just placed in a small zip lock bag. This mildly worried me off the bat as the whole model was resin cast.


But, my worries were soon put to rest and exchanged with excitement as the model was, pardon my french, fucking BEAUTIFUL! After my initial look over, the details were stunning and there was very little clean up work to be done. This was surprising to me as I have dealt with solid cast resin models in the past that were absolute nightmares to clean and assemble *cough cough, Warlord, cough cough*.


In no time at all the model was cleaned, assembled (all whopping 8 parts of it) and ready to start laying paint on (as it is, I have a fair amount of custom work I will be doing to it so it can accurately mirror the easy 8 in Fury, stay tuned as I will be showing this bad boy off as it gets finished).


So all in all, I am absolutely blown away by the quality in workmanship from Blitzkrieg and will definitely be ordering more models from them in the future. For those interested, the 1/56th Sherman Easy 8 retails from Blitzkrieg Miniatures for 22 GBP (which is roughly 35 American) and, to entice you all a bit more, free worldwide shipping on everything.

For their full catalog, tap the link below and enjoy the myriad of amazing models they offer.


As I said above, Ill be posting more updates on my E8 as it gets more Furry like.

Thanks for reading and thanks to Paul from Blitzkrieg for the awesome customer support! Keep gaming everyone and have a happy 2015!

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Windy City Wargaming Episode 4: Happy New Year in Review

We all hope you had a great Christmas and have a great New Year!

In this episode we sit down and talk about our year in review from where we were all the way to where we are now. We also talk about our Naughty and Nice list for 2014 (a little late, but oh well).

For Game night, we’re joined once again by our very own Izzy B. talking about Star Wars: Imperial Assault.

Special thanks to:

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Windy City Wargaming Episode 3: Hobby Hacks & Merry Xmas!

In this Episode, the hosts Mark and Chris talk Hobby organization and with the coming holidays, pass along some great gamer gift ideas.

Also tune in for an interview with Dan Zedan, owner of Draxtar games in Batavia. Come and hang with us on Saturday, December 13th, it’ll be a fun day.


WCWG team

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Tabetop Live – Episode 1

This is a new podcast structure that will be released more periodically where the WCWG hosts will be recording with the community.

In this episode, Chris sits down with some local gamers at Draxtar Games in Batavia Illinois to talk 40k and does a turn by turn battle report.

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Windy City Wargaming – Episode 1

Welcome to WCW! In our inaugural episode we will share a little about ourselves, cover some news in the gaming world and talk table top war-gamming!

If you would like to give us your two cents please email us here

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