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Technical Difficulties Be Damned

We appreciate your patience as we resolve some issues with our site.

The first issue was a whole bunch a errors popping up at the top of each page. This was due to the plugin that we use not keeping up to date with the WooCommerce API. To put it simply, a function the WC uses had an additional parameter added to it that was causing a cascade of failures. All that was needed to be done was to edit the plugin’s code to add that additional parameter to the affected functions.

The second issue was with an infinite loop of redirects when logging into the site. This was caused by a new service that we added to the server side of our site. The service is an advanced caching platform that allows slowly changing pages, like our product pages and blog posts, to be served to your browser much more quickly. The issue came from a conflict in how that service handled our SSL certificate. The SSL certificate is what allows us to maintain a secure and safe connection between you and our website. As security is very important to us, simply disabling our SSL certificate and allowing logins to progress as normal was out of the question. The issue was finally resolved after the root problem was discovered and will not cause any more issues in the future.

As always, we hope you have a great experience visiting Mercenary Miniatures; if you have any questions or come across any issues please contact us at