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Sneak peek of things to come

As we come up to the Dragonfall Bolt Action event, the team at Mercenary Miniatures is hard at work preparing some beautiful objective markers for the event.

The event at Dragonfall rocking the weekend of October 15th and 16th has many events in store for all who stop by. Mercenary Miniatures’ own Chris Pawl and Mark Halberg will be running the Warhammer 40k and Bolt Action events respectively.


There are still a few spots available for event at Dragonfall, get your tickets now before it is too late!

The bolt Action event will be the event of many firsts! First Dragonfall Bolt Action tournament, first (that we know of) Second Edition Bolt Action event, and first Attrition format tournament!

The Attrition format is the brainchild of Aaron Jobgen, one of the members of Chicago Bolt Action and was originally developed for a long term campaign intended to be played over many many months, Aaron and Mark teamed up to adapt the rules for a tournament setting and will be running the event on October 16th.

Bolt Action Attrition

Finally, here is the sneak peek the post title promised! It is a shot of the first objective marker painted for Dragonfall. This objective marker is a stack of weapon crates tastefully and partially covered by a tarpaulin, which is being weighed down by some bricks.

One of the new objective markers painted up by Mark Halberg
One of the new objective markers painted up by Mark Halberg

These objective markers will come in packs of three unique markers all themed around the idea of supply caches and will also be available individually if you want to expand your collection!

Stay tuned for the launch of these objective markers in our online store!