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Armies of Germany Second Edition Pre-Order

Attention Commander!

Are you faithfully commanding the Wehrmacht across the snow covered Russian front? Have you jumped alongside the Fallschirmjäger behind enemy lines?

Then you need the newest arms and armament for the fight against the Allies and secure victory for Germany!

Armies of German Second Edition

You can pre-order the newest army book for Warlord Games’ Bolt Action right here at Mercenary Miniatures for only $25

The Armies of Germany book has been update to contain all the new rules and bring it to the cutting edge of Bolt Action Second Edition. Get those buzzsaws ready!

Don’f forget to snag those much needed templates and pin markers while you’re here!409000001-bolt-action-templates-a_grande

Your peace of mind is on our mind…

As always, Mercenary Miniatures is very concerned with your peace of mind while shopping with us. We utilize Amazon to process all payments which means all of your information is secure and you can sleep easy!