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Windy City Wargaming Episode 20: Pre Dragon-Fall & Apparently we’ve been doing this 2 years now…Yay!

Welcome back everyone and thanks for popping in for another installment of WCWG!

So Dragon-Fall is right around the corner (2 weeks from when I’m publishing this episode) and, as a sponsor and tournament organizers, we could not be more thrilled! Space is still available, but not too much, so if you’re on the fence, don’t think about it, come out and have a good time!

We also talk a bit about the recent release of Bolt Action 2nd Edition, and how Mercenary Miniatures has the new rulebook in stock!

So I cant believe it has been two years since we got this podcast going! Lot of great new friends met over the years because of this silly adventure! We wanna just take a second to thank all of you for listening, as it is, this is in fact YOUR podcast, we just turn the mics on and deliver our brand of entertainment, so Thank you all for keeping us on your playlists, and cheers to many more to come!


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