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Bolt Action Dragonfall Tournament: Attrition

Dragonfall is coming October 16th 2016!

Registration is still open for events!
Registration Link

Below is are the details of the event, missions will be announced the day of the event.
Note: These rules may be tweaked slightly for clarity prior to the event.

Operation Dragonfall

Commander, on the morning of October 16th you will marshal your forces against our enemy. We are sending you to the front where you must push the enemy back. However, you will be beyond the reach of our logistic teams and we will be unable to provide any reinforcements or supplies for many days. I had to lie, steal and cheat to get artillery support for your initial assault.

Good Luck.

Tournament Overview

You will play a series of three games over the course of the day in the first Dragonfall Bolt Action Tournament, first Bolt Action Second Edition Tournament, and the first Attrition Format Tournament.


Prior to the first game you will be randomly assigned to either RedFor or BlueFor. For each game the Victory Points you earn will also be counted towards your team, the scoring for the teams will determine what mission you will play in subsequent games.


Each game you will take casualties. Those units destroyed will stay destroyed for the entirety of the tournament. Attrition rules are explained in more detail in the Attrition of War section later in this packet. Players are allowed to retreat units off of the battlefield to save them from annihilation.

Tournament Rules

  • The main platoon must have an officer with an equal or greater veterancy rating than 51% of the troops in the platoon.
  • During each game, a player may not field an army greater than 1,000 points.
  • The Bolt Action 2nd Edition Rules will be used for this event.

Army Lists

Each player will bring two platoons. The combined points for each platoon will not exceed 1,500 points.

Note: To ease list building each platoon has been given a range of points that they may consist of.

Main Platoon

  • This platoon will be your primary platoon and will be used in the first game. Subsequent games you will use your reserve platoon to replace any casualties that you may sustain.
  • Must be a generic reinforced platoon consisting of between 991 to 1,000 points.

Reserve Platoon

  • Must be a generic reinforced platoon consisting up to 509 points, as long as the combined value of the two platoons does not exceed 1,500 points.
  • Cannot contain
    • Any additional Headquarter Units besides the platoon commander (FFO, medics, etc.)
    • Any free units granted by your army’s national rules


There are two types of points you will earn or lose throughout the tournament; Strategic Points (SP) and Tactical Points (TP).

Your score for each game will be a combined value of both Strategic Points and Tactical Points. Your team’s points will be the sum of each team member’s Victory Points.

Each Game will be measured by an accumulation of Victory Points to determine the victor of the game. At the end of each game compare the battle points earned by each player.

End of Game Victory Points

If one player has at least two more battle points than their opponent, that player is the winner. If the difference in battle points is not is less than two, then the game is counted as a draw.




+10 SP


+5 SP


+3 SP

Additional Points

Enemy Unit Destroyed

+1 SP each

Secondary Objectives

Secondary Objectives are present during each game and will add or detract from the overall Victory Points for each game.

Alpha Strike

Be the first player to eliminate an enemy unit in its entirety.

Flawless Victory

Complete the game without losing an entire unit. If an order die is removed from the bag due to a unit being no longer in play, this objective cannot be met.

Remove The Head and The Body Will Perish

Eliminate the enemy’s platoon commander. This objective cannot be met if the enemy commander is retreated off of the field.

When The Fit Hits the Shan

Fail an order or morale check with the result of a FUBAR.

Live to Fight Another Dar

Retreating a unit off of the field, albeit a valid strategy, will result in a penalty to your tactical points for the game. This objective will only be counted once per game, regardless of the number of units that have been retreated.



Alpha Strike

+1 TP

Flawless Victory

+1 TP

Remove the Head and the Body will perish

+1 TP

When the Fit hits the Shan

-1 TP

Live to Fight Another Day

-1 TP

Supply Caches

Supply Caches do not count towards scoring results, rather are used to aid you in later games to bring up the Clerks & Cooks from the rear echelon to aid in the fighting.

In game one and game two there will be three tokens placed on the board, evenly placed along the center line between the two long table edge.

Capturing Supply Caches

  • These tokens can be captured by any infantry or artillery unit.
  • These tokens cannot be captured by a unit that had forward deployed.
  • The unit must be in base contact with the token at the end of the turn.

Using Captured Supply Caches

Before the start of the second or third game you may turn in captured Supply Caches for the following aids



1 Supply Cache

one 5-man inexperienced rifle team

2 Supply Caches

One 5-man regular rifle team

1 Supply Cache

Reroll one failed order test, the results of the second test must be used. Any roll may only be rerolled once.

3 Supply Caches

Give it another go! One token that can be redeemed after a failed orders test, that order test is automatically passed

The Attrition of War

For this event, each player will bring two Army Lists; one 1,000-point list, acting as the main force of the day, and a secondary reserve list to bolster the losses sustained by the main list.

During the course of a game casualties will be sustained, if an entire unit is eliminated that unit may NOT be brought back for the remainder of the tournament.

Before the second and third game, Players may pull units from their reserve lists to replenish the losses sustained.

  • Units consisting of one or more men at the end of a game will be brought back during the next game at full strength.
  • Flamethrowers that have run out of fuel do not count as being eliminated and will return the next game.
  • ALL units from the main list MUST partake in each battle unless they have been completely wiped out.
  • No reserve unit may be added to the main list if its point value would cause the main list to be over 1,000 points.
  • Units that have broken due to failed moral checks are considered to be eliminated and cannot take the field again for the remainder of the tournament.


You may choose to retreat a unit off of the battlefield to bring them back in the next game.

To retreat a unit, you must issue them a run or advance order and if any model moves off of the table edge within your half of the table the whole unit is removed from the table.

  • Units that have retreated are not counted as destroyed and will return for the next game at full strength.
  • Retreating a unit activated the Live to Fight Another Day Secondary objective.

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