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Forgeworld Imperial Knight Lancer Project

So I’ve been sitting on this post for a while, as it is, I have had the kit for about 6 months now (purchased at Adepticon 2015 from the Forgeworld table) and its been complete for 4 months now.


Above is the kit as it came out of the bag still on their resin “road blocks”. After soaking all the peices in a room temp water and dish soap bath to remove the release agent. After all that fun, I went threw everything with a fine tooth comb and much to my surprise, there was not a lot of extra cleaning and scraping to do to clean the model. So, on to construction!


So, a pretty simple build on the base, utilizing some old 40k terrain from the bits drawer, I mocked up a small ruined urban environment and initially added some black Templars to spice it up (but ultimately decided to pull the dudes off). Finally I placed the main center supports for the feet and pinned them in (no glue yet though).


So, after removing the Templars, i then mocked the legs, determined they were in appropriate spots and began building the legs up. For any of you who have built imperial titan models before, y’all know that the feet and legs are the biggest pain in the ass on the model. After minor adjustments to the feet positions, the legs were standing strong.



As predicted, the rest of the torso went together very easily. At this point, a pin is holding the torso onto the hips and the armor plates are only pressure fit on for painting reasons.


Primed and gradient armor layers started.


First layers of armor color using P3 Turquoise ink.


Another P3 Armor Wash layer then starting to add the gold trim. Also the first Stencil Layer on the armor, using a celtic knotwork theme.


putting it all together and getting the base metallics on the hardware.


Building up the hardware metallics and gold trim, not too much left to do!



Final touches, built up the Armor a bit more to finish out the graidience on the armor and added glow effects. It was a long project, but the end result was worth it!


Thanks for the read and Stay tuned for more articles to come!