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The Art of Bolt Action – Preface

A game fought with the random toss of dice and won by the stoic contemplation of the commander’s stratagem. Bolt Action, by Warlord Games will devour a player’s time and energy. Rewards are reaped by even the most casual of player with thrills, movie action moments, comradery, the bitter taste of defeat, and the euphoric sensation of victory. A platoon of hardened veterans or hoards of conscripts fight bitterly across the blood soaked battlefields of Europe, the sandy beaches of the Pacific peppered with the dead, Bolt Action is fought by toy soldiers and won by generals.

The Art of War, credited to Sun Tzu, has been the cornerstone for military strategists and tacticians for thousands of years. The treatise consists of thirteen chapters, coving the axioms essential to a successful military campaign.

Combining Bolt Action with The Art of War adds a new dimension to the thought process behind how a successful commander would approach any scenario with the goal of seeking victory.

The following series of articles will delve into the ancient Chinese treatise and apply the teaching within to the game of Bolt Action.


Important Note from the author:

Aspects that are important to take into the following readings are:

  1. To approach with an open mind. Always a point of view has not been considered when on the journey to broaden one’s mine.
  2. The following articles are an editorial; they are the contemplations stirring in the mind of the author.
  3. We request that you, as the reader, take up an active and respectful discourse on the subject. The author strongly believes in the first point, and will always greet comments with an open mind.
  4. Bolt Action is a game. As all games are, have fun with them.
  5. Have Fun!