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Windy City Wargaming Episode 24: Adepticon 2017 Live Coverage

Hey Wargamers!

In this episode, listen in to join the WCWG team on some pretty awesome talks the guys got to take part in at Adepticon this year! Presented to you commercial free! Talks include, but not limited to, Anvil 8 Games, Trenchworx, Warlord Games, and Games & Gears.

Thank you to all who talked to us over the weekend, we all had a great time! We will see you soon for episode 25!

Brought to you as always by:
Mercenary Miniatures

Dragon Fall

Grognard Games

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Tabletop Live: Adepticon 2015!!

In this special episode of Tabletop Live, Chris, Mark, Ryan and even Julie hit up the awesome 4 day adventure known pretty widely as Adepticon. In true Windy City Wargaming fashion, Chris has to record every damn thing he does.

So take a listen and enjoy the shenanigans that ensue!

Special thanks to:

Jeremy Williams

Jon Russell

Dan Zedan

All of our awesome opponents during the 12 games of Bolt Action Mark and Chris played and 3 games Ryan played.

We’ll see you next year Adepticon!

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Tabetop Live – Episode 1

This is a new podcast structure that will be released more periodically where the WCWG hosts will be recording with the community.

In this episode, Chris sits down with some local gamers at Draxtar Games in Batavia Illinois to talk 40k and does a turn by turn battle report.