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Windy City Wargaming episode 12 part 2: BIRTHDAY!!!!

So, after many changes in life, and a calming of the hectic lives of your hosts, we’re coming back with part 2 of episode 12 where to kick things off, Chris talks with Mike at the end of Dragon Fall and gets some after thoughts of the event.

Then we get back into it talking on everything from the new Tau all the way to Tabletop manners.


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Windy City Wargaming Episode 12 Part 1: Dragon Fall is Upon Us!

Hello everyone! So after another bit of a break we are back and it is OUR BIRTHDAY! Windy City Wargaming is 1 year old today, and to kick it all off, I’m joined by guest host Mike Lagger from Dragon Fall and we’re discussing his event in a little bit more detail than the last time he was on a few month ago.

As you will hear in the episode, this is only part 1 of our birthday showcase, as there will (hopefully!) be 4 parts to it. So sit back and enjoy!

Mike Lagger:

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Cheers to many more years of tabletop podcasting!

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Windy City Wargaming Episode 11

We’re back after a bit of a gap with another episode!

this time around, Mark and Chris are joined by Julie to round out the cast and we talk hobby motivation and green stuff.

thanks as always to Draxtar games in Batavia and Dan Zedan.

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Windy City Wargaming Episode 10

Welcome back faithful listeners! In this episode, Mark and Chris talk magnetizing, dice, and for the tactics corner, we share some tips about deployment.

Joining the show for an interview is Jake Noble of and we talk about some methods of integrating social media into tabletop gaming.

Also, we welcome back Izzy B. for a game night segment ad he talks Star Wars Edge of Empire.

Special thanks as always to Draxtar Games in Batavia Illinois, Dan Zedan

And to Jake Noble, and @cadianshock on twittter

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Windy City Wargaming Episode 9: Did you miss us? Cause we missed you!

AAAANNNNNNDDDDD We’re Back from a mini hiatus while we were settling down from Adepticon, finishing some jobs we had on the back burner and making some plans for the future of Mercenary Miniatures.

In this episode, you’ll get to catch up with the WCWG  crew, we go threw a pretty hefty new releases, Talk OSL painting, go through some ways to build friendly and competitive lists, and we’re joined by Mike from Dragon Fall and Cipher Games and he tells us about his upcoming Convention.

Thanks as always to Draxtar Games in Batavia

Mike from Dragon-Fall. More info at

and finally to all of you, our listeners!

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Tabletop Live: Adepticon 2015!!

In this special episode of Tabletop Live, Chris, Mark, Ryan and even Julie hit up the awesome 4 day adventure known pretty widely as Adepticon. In true Windy City Wargaming fashion, Chris has to record every damn thing he does.

So take a listen and enjoy the shenanigans that ensue!

Special thanks to:

Jeremy Williams

Jon Russell

Dan Zedan

All of our awesome opponents during the 12 games of Bolt Action Mark and Chris played and 3 games Ryan played.

We’ll see you next year Adepticon!

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Windy City Wargaming Episode 7: Adepticon Countdown Shenanigans

After 30 hours of no sleep, Mark and Chris turn on the mics along with our third cohort Ryan Mad Dog Miller and we talk about board design, and in usual WCWG fashion, we get side tracked quite a bit.

Also, we’re joined By Jeremy Applebaum to talk about Game Seekers, the first Tabletop Gamers social networking site.

And as always we are joined by Izzy B. for a game night.

Thanks everyone and don’t forget to rate us in itunes and like us on facebook.

Brought to you by Mercenary Miniatures.

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Windy City Wargaming Episode 6: Revenge of the Jedi(???)

In episode 6 we’re talkin’ Airbrushing, where to start, and starting tips we’ve learned in our travels.

Mark goes threw Battleground Europe: Normandy to Germany mission compendium for Bolt Action

We’re joined by Brian Niro of Anvil 8 Games and we talk about his game, Aetherium.

Izzy B. also joins us once again for game night, and we talk Heroscape.

Special thanks to:

Brian Niro –

Finally, All of you for tuning in!

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Windy City Wargaming Episode 5: Happy 2015!

We hope you all had a great New Years Eve and thanks for keeping us on your playlist!

In this episode we talk new releases, Beyond the gates of Antares, and upcoming Adepticon! We’re joined by Jeremy Williams, an event planner working with Adepticon talking about Bolt Action Doubles. We’re also joined once again by Izzy B. for game night talking Betrayal at House on the Hill.

We hope you enjoy!


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Windy City Wargaming Episode 4: Happy New Year in Review

We all hope you had a great Christmas and have a great New Year!

In this episode we sit down and talk about our year in review from where we were all the way to where we are now. We also talk about our Naughty and Nice list for 2014 (a little late, but oh well).

For Game night, we’re joined once again by our very own Izzy B. talking about Star Wars: Imperial Assault.

Special thanks to:

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Windy City Wargaming Episode 3: Hobby Hacks & Merry Xmas!

In this Episode, the hosts Mark and Chris talk Hobby organization and with the coming holidays, pass along some great gamer gift ideas.

Also tune in for an interview with Dan Zedan, owner of Draxtar games in Batavia. Come and hang with us on Saturday, December 13th, it’ll be a fun day.


WCWG team