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Featured Review: Konflikt ’47, Wehrmacht Heavy Infantry and LMG Team

What’s up, wargamers! Mad Dog here with my first review of 2017! I decided to start off with a review of one of Warlord Games’ newest systems, Konflikt ’47. The first things I noticed about these models is the serious “cool factor” they carry with them. This is a kit that makes you say “dang, that’s cool” just by looking at the box. That being said, this kit has been one of the easiest pewter kits I’ve had the honor of working with. From the ease of cleaning to their assembly, these models were very very easy to work with. As soon as they came out of the box, they were looking very cool indeed. Here is a pair that’s been built and primed.


The first thing that popped out to me was the new plate armor and what look like respirators(?) on the gear bags. It’s a pretty intriguing mix of historical gear and new “cool” gear.

As you can see here on the LMG unit, there aren’t very many pieces altogether. Legs and body are one piece, which is always nice. The arms and rifle are a single piece as well, which amounted to a few less steps in itself.

Here, on the arms, there is very minimal flash and although the rifle tips are bent, it was very easy bending back and into place. I had zero problems with any rifles’ barrels snapping off. This is something I can’t say for all pewter kits I’ve worked with in the past. There are also minimal mold lines. I only had to whip out my trusty file for a few seconds per shoulder pad.

The heads came with gas masks and a couple without. The only mold lines to be handled here are on the top of the helmet, which is par for the course. This is another “cool factor” for this kit. Just one more time I caught myself saying, “dang, this is cool”.

First, IĀ assembled a pair of them and primed them with Vallejo Grey (74.601) Surface Primer through my airbrush. This is my preferred way of priming infantry models. The details all very clearly pop out and the “cool factor” really comes to life at this point.

Also, as a side note, I’ve found that priming models with such a light color really helps to bring out any missed mold lines or imperfections that I’ve missed in the initial cleaning process. Here, I missed a couple mold lines and it’s very easy to see them. This gives me a chance to do a final check before I start laying down paint.

So, all in all, this is a very cool kit. I’m very much looking forward to revealing my super secret, eyes only, confidential plans that I have for these models with all of our subscribers. Until then, Mad Dog gives the Wehrmacht Heavy Infantry and the Heavy LMG Infantry kits BOTH 5 star reviews. Expect a very easy cleaning session and a very high “cool factor” with these models.

Until next time, wargamers! Mad Dog, out!

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[WIP] Pacific Island

After Operation Sting 2015 we are looking at making a new board for the Bolt Action events at Adepticon 2016.

I started a test for a Pacific Island themed board, this is a 6 in. wide by 12 in. deep segment and was used as a proof of concept for the basic terrain needed for the board, and to test colors, techniques and to work out a procedure to use for the full board.

Flora was excluded from this example.

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Work in progress shot of IJA infantry

A Work in progress shot of some IJA infantry for bolt action
A Work in progress shot of some IJA infantry for Bolt Action

I have started building an IJA force for my roommate in order to get him rolling dice with us up at Draxtar.

Here is a shot of the first five infantry models. I am using the Army Painter system, which after a few failed attempts on my own models, is really starting to produce pleasing results.

Once they are based these guys will be ready for any tournament and would be a prime example of our Advanced Tabletop level of painting.

I will post more photos as more models reach the final stage.

Stay tuned for updates and contact us if you want an army painted that you will be proud to field on the battlefield.

Thanks for reading,
Bolt Action Mark, Out!