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Windy City Wargaming Episode 14: 2016 New Year in Review

Happy 2016 everybody! In this episode, Mark and Chris are joined by Mad Dog Miller, we review 2015 and look to the future of our humble company and great podcast community we’re building. Special thanks as always to Dan Zedan out at Draxtar Games. Cheers!

*This is a reupload because some inexperienced sound engineer (Mark) forgot to upload the first part of the episode.

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Happy New Year! 2016 is in and we take a moment to reflect on 2015 and ponder on 2016.


Mercenary Miniatures would like to wish all of you a happy and safe new year!

As a company we set our sights on continuing our growth from last year. We aren’t the type of company that looks at sales figures and projections, we look at what we did and what impact we played on the tabletop wargaming community. Last year we helped with Adepticon‘s Bolt Action tournament by providing a German Subpen board to play on, at Operation Sting 2015 we brought the sub pen and  debuted a German experimental weapons facility board. Chris ran monthly Bolt Action tournaments at Draxtar Games in Batavia, IL and co-ran the Warhammer tournament at Dragonfall.

As 2016 is now upon us we want to take a moment for each of us to share our retrospective of 2015

This year on my end has been very marketing oriented. With the further development of our podcast, Windy City Wargaming and the constant upkeep of relations with local retailers, rounded out with growing the Mercenary Miniatures commission painting customer base, it’s been a busy year.

-Chris Pawl


2015 has been a rollercoaster of ideas and ambition. We’ve laid out a lot of our ground work for our production process for our upcoming product lines. We’ve met many new people both at events and through the amazing internet communities, and I’ve painted plenty of models, played games way too little. I spent a good amount of time working on the backend of our website, working out our new logo and all of our graphics. We procured a 3D printer to assist in prototyping and spent way too much time sitting on a chair watching the 3D printer work as I marveled at today’s technology. I managed to get the opening title sequence for our youtube channel finalized just in time for the new year. And lastly, We closed out Windy City Wargaming with the announcement of a new biweekly release schedule for new episodes.

-Mark Halberg

A new year and a new set of challenges, here’s what we see for the future of Mercenary Miniatures and Windy City Wargaming

My goals for 2016 are to continue making positive strides with the podcast and growing both Windy City Wargaming and Mercenary Miniatures reputations in the hobby community. As of right now, I will be running the Warhammer 40k GT at the second Dragon-Fall in the autumn of 2016 and will be attending Adepticon where I will be submitting at least one model into Crystal Brush, if not just for exposure.

-Chris Pawl

The new year has many new opportunities for us, we have big plans and big ambitions, I’ve already cleared my schedule for Adepticon, Operation Sting, and Dragonfall. I may not be participating in all events but I will be present for them. I am looking to attend little wars and some other conventions in the new year. I have plenty of time committed to getting our products up on the website and ready to aid everyone in the community. I want to see Mercenary Miniatures start working with some charities to give back as much love and support that we have received since our early days in 2014. I look forward to plenty of great times in 2016

And I vow to do my best to make my posts less of a rambling collection of loosely related sentences and form a more coherent train of thought in 2016!

-Mark Halberg

Thank you for all of your support,
Chris Pawl, Ryan Miller, and Mark Halberg

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Windy City Wargaming Episode 13: Naughty & Nice 2015

In this episode, Chris and Mark are joined by Julie and we talk holiday stuff as we approch Christmas time.

Merry Christmas from all of us over here at Mercenary Miniatures and Windy City Wargaming and we’ll see you in 2016!!

Special thanks as always to Draxtar Games in Batavia & Dan Z.

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Tank War Event @ Draxtar Games in Batavia 11/22/15

Hello again BA enthusiasts, it is me, your local Warlord Sarge coming in with the next event! Hope you all had fun if you attended Operation Sting or What-Con, and if not,here is your perfect opportunity to catch up.
For this event, we’ll be playing out of the Tank War supplement. It will be 1500 points requiring 1 command tank and 2 selections from tanks/tank destroyers/self propelled artillery.
Don’t forget, if you take infantry, it needs a transport.

Thanks guys and hope to see you out there!
Sarge Chris
(edits to come, stay tuned)

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Windy City Wargaming episode 12 part 2: BIRTHDAY!!!!

So, after many changes in life, and a calming of the hectic lives of your hosts, we’re coming back with part 2 of episode 12 where to kick things off, Chris talks with Mike at the end of Dragon Fall and gets some after thoughts of the event.

Then we get back into it talking on everything from the new Tau all the way to Tabletop manners.


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[WIP] Pacific Island

After Operation Sting 2015 we are looking at making a new board for the Bolt Action events at Adepticon 2016.

I started a test for a Pacific Island themed board, this is a 6 in. wide by 12 in. deep segment and was used as a proof of concept for the basic terrain needed for the board, and to test colors, techniques and to work out a procedure to use for the full board.

Flora was excluded from this example.

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Forgeworld Imperial Knight Lancer Project

So I’ve been sitting on this post for a while, as it is, I have had the kit for about 6 months now (purchased at Adepticon 2015 from the Forgeworld table) and its been complete for 4 months now.


Above is the kit as it came out of the bag still on their resin “road blocks”. After soaking all the peices in a room temp water and dish soap bath to remove the release agent. After all that fun, I went threw everything with a fine tooth comb and much to my surprise, there was not a lot of extra cleaning and scraping to do to clean the model. So, on to construction!


So, a pretty simple build on the base, utilizing some old 40k terrain from the bits drawer, I mocked up a small ruined urban environment and initially added some black Templars to spice it up (but ultimately decided to pull the dudes off). Finally I placed the main center supports for the feet and pinned them in (no glue yet though).


So, after removing the Templars, i then mocked the legs, determined they were in appropriate spots and began building the legs up. For any of you who have built imperial titan models before, y’all know that the feet and legs are the biggest pain in the ass on the model. After minor adjustments to the feet positions, the legs were standing strong.



As predicted, the rest of the torso went together very easily. At this point, a pin is holding the torso onto the hips and the armor plates are only pressure fit on for painting reasons.


Primed and gradient armor layers started.


First layers of armor color using P3 Turquoise ink.


Another P3 Armor Wash layer then starting to add the gold trim. Also the first Stencil Layer on the armor, using a celtic knotwork theme.


putting it all together and getting the base metallics on the hardware.


Building up the hardware metallics and gold trim, not too much left to do!



Final touches, built up the Armor a bit more to finish out the graidience on the armor and added glow effects. It was a long project, but the end result was worth it!


Thanks for the read and Stay tuned for more articles to come!

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Windy City Wargaming Episode 12 Part 1: Dragon Fall is Upon Us!

Hello everyone! So after another bit of a break we are back and it is OUR BIRTHDAY! Windy City Wargaming is 1 year old today, and to kick it all off, I’m joined by guest host Mike Lagger from Dragon Fall and we’re discussing his event in a little bit more detail than the last time he was on a few month ago.

As you will hear in the episode, this is only part 1 of our birthday showcase, as there will (hopefully!) be 4 parts to it. So sit back and enjoy!

Mike Lagger:

And dont forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter @WindyCityWG, and go rate us in iTunes.

Cheers to many more years of tabletop podcasting!

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Operation Sting Primer @ Draxtar Games 9/27/15

Hello again everyone,

Sarge here telling all you fine Bolt Action players about the next tournament I am putting on at Draxtar Games in Batavia. This will be a special installment in our local tournament scene as I have talked to Brent and we are going to ise this as the official Operation Sting Primer event. The first 20 participants will receive a limited edition Soviet Female sniper model and there will be trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place (in addition to the usual store credit prize support).

So that being said, bring out your 1000 point single generic reinforced infantry platoon and give it some table time before Operation Sting and workout those last minute bugs before the big show in October.

Sign in will start at 1pm at Draxtar and tables will be called at 2pm. Each game will last 2 hours with a 30min lunch between game 1 and 2. Registration will be $10 ($5 to prize support and $5 to personal store credit).

Remember no vehicle flamethrowers and this time your commander must be equal to the highest veterancy in your platoon.

Anyquestions feel free to shoot me an email to

Hope to see you all out there!

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Bolt Action Tourney @ Draxtar Games 8/23/15

Hello fellow BA enthusiasts, your Warlord Sarge here to again invite you all to the next tournament!

With Operation Sting and the Michigan GT right around the corner, I was thinking we should up the points for this one.

This tournament will be 1250 points single reinforced platoon utilizing either generic OR any theater selector from a printed book (but only using one platoon). Mission packets, as always, will be provided the day of the tournament.

Sign in will begin at 1:00 pm and I would like dice to start rolling by 1:45 pm (2pm at the latest). The rounds will be 2.5 hours with a 30 min lunch between rounds 1 and 2. Registration will be $10 with $5 Going towards prize support and $5 Going towards personal store credit.

Sorry that this is going out a bit late again, but hope to see you all out there for some BA good times.

Also, on a closing note for future refference, I will be hosting Bolt Action Tournaments at Draxtar EVERY 4TH SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH FROM HERE ON FORWARD. Our little community has proven to Dan that monthly tournaments are a good idea for Bolt Action. So let’s keep up the momentum and start packing these tournaments with great players!

Thanks guys,
Warlord Games Sarge

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Work in progress shot of IJA infantry

A Work in progress shot of some IJA infantry for bolt action
A Work in progress shot of some IJA infantry for Bolt Action

I have started building an IJA force for my roommate in order to get him rolling dice with us up at Draxtar.

Here is a shot of the first five infantry models. I am using the Army Painter system, which after a few failed attempts on my own models, is really starting to produce pleasing results.

Once they are based these guys will be ready for any tournament and would be a prime example of our Advanced Tabletop level of painting.

I will post more photos as more models reach the final stage.

Stay tuned for updates and contact us if you want an army painted that you will be proud to field on the battlefield.

Thanks for reading,
Bolt Action Mark, Out!