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Battle Report with MadDog – Germans vs. Finns

Wargamers! MadDog here with my first Battle Report! I’ve got tons of cool pictures of my favorite personal army (Blitzkrieg Germans) that I used at World at War and Duane’s Finnish army. Check it out!

Last night, we played a REALLY cool scenario that Lee Schmitz came up with and he will be coming up with new weekly scenarios for everyone to play. If you’re in the Chicago area and are looking for an awesome group of Bolt Action players, definitely check out the Chicago Bolt Action page. And if you’re already on the page, make sure you get up to Draxtar on Thursday nights for these scenarios!

Here are the armies!

Duane’s Finns, looking fabulous.


And here are my Blitzkrieg Germans. I’m very proud of this army.


This is my deployment area, and Duane’s was opposite mine which forced him to use the road to approach.

Deployment zones in this scenario were table quarters, which is always dynamic in any game of Bolt Action. Duane rolled high and elected to attack. So I picked the table quarter in which I could utilize roads to funnel in the attackers and had some cover and line of sight blockers. In this scenario, the building only counted as soft cover, but I still used it to my advantage as best as I could.

Very straight forward so far.

I positioned two full half tracks facing the road. All of my units deployed on ambush on turn one. Which was intimidating to approach.

I also positioned my Skdfz222, AKA Siegfried, facing the road on ambush. The Light Autocannon here and on my Panzer II were my only heavy hitters. Having our lists at 800 points left me without my Pak36 ‘door knocker’. So I left my Panzer II and an extra unit of infantry somewhat behind the action, to come in as an improvised reserve unit later in the game. (Which paid off late in the game).

Starting off with Turn One, all of my units were on ambush, so General Zoldak had free reign on his entire unit. Right away, his T-28 moved up to meet the Germans head on. This was my far my biggest obstacle as I had a difficult time answering the front armor on a Light Tank (8+) with only one autocannon. As he finished his move up the road, I did the best I could to slow his advance with an ambush order from ‘Siegfried’. The Autocannon hit, but was unable to penetrate the front armor.

With all of its MMGs and one Light Howitzer, the T-28 promptly passed an orders check and went to work. Laying out pins on the Germans, but thankfully missing the Machine Gun team in the building with an artillery shell. Behind the T-28, the infantry advances forward. I keep my half tracks on ambush and wait for the advancing infantry to come into range.

With a mostly quiet back and forth on Turn One, Turn Two begins with haste. Most of my units are still on ambush and biding their time. Plenty of targets are working their way closer to the teeth of German Machine Guns.

The T-28 gets the first order die and deals out more pins. The amount of machine guns on the T-28 were very difficult to contend with and having open topped half tracks gave him plenty of opportunity to bog my units down.

The Red Dice denote my pins and the T-28 was quite generous in doling them out.

More infantry continued to move forward across the bridge and a squad was finally in range. My first half track ambushed and put a pin on an advancing unit, but caused no wounds. My second half track ambushed Duane’s advancing Officer, causing a pin and killing the assistant. I got my hopes up for the Officer failing his required orders check, but he stood his ground.

More infantry advanced forward and a unit of Riflemen came up from the river bed and put a pin on Siegfried (Skdfz 222).

At this point, my defenders are getting heavily pinned, but standing their ground. Until I attempt to activate Siegfried. My plan was to advance forward and fire on the side armor of the T-28. With 3 pins and out of Command Range, Siegfried failed the check and had to fall back from cover. One of my half tracks follows suit, failing an activation check and falling back. Things are looking rough for the defenders. “Pinning enemies out” is proving to be quite a formidable tactic here. My Panzer II moves forward in the river bed, poised to strike, but still out of range.

The Finns answer by moving a tank hunting squad into the river bed, opposite the bridge. The tension is building and things are about to get bloody.

The Finn sniper and Anti-Tank Rifle team move forward to attempt to get better position and keep up with the rest of their unit and Turn Two comes to a close. Now, things are starting to heat up at this little crossroads.


Turn Three begins with the T-28 activating first again, ridding itself of its own pins and distributing more to my Germans and being very generous about it. This time, the howitzer is fired into the building and kills the Machine Gun Team that was still lying in wait, on ambush orders.

My Panzer II moves out of the river bed and is in range of the T-28. It hits and pins, but does no damage. This T-28 is resilient.

Hoping to pincer the T-28, Siegfried activates and moves on the opposite side and fires! But misses its shot and is left in the open.

I’m on a roll with my order die and grab a third in a row. Issuing a “snap to”, I issue orders to my half track to rally (which is successful) and to my infantry to move forward into the building and take the place of the Machine Gun Team.

The Finn anti-tank squad move forward and out of the river bed completely, lining up against the back of a building, telegraphing their next move.

The Finn Anti-tank Rifle team and sniper are still out of range and their shots are blocked by crowded streets. They advance closer to the fight.

Look who stopped by!

Every game has a FUBAR right? If you play me, there’s usually a couple. I tried to rally the infantry unit inside of the half track and…

These pins are truly wearing my defenders down. At this point, I start to think that I may need to fall back further and hopefully be able to get shots onto the infantry to slow their advance. The dice are simply not with me today!

The Finn infantry move forward and place more pins on Siegfried, as he’s now very exposed and doesn’t have cover. I am able to remove a pin from my half track and return fire on an advancing unit, causing a pin and one wound. Not enough to stop the unit, but hopefully the pin will help slow them down.

As Turn Three comes to its end, I issue a rally to the infantry unit inside the half track, which is successful and all pins are removed.

Turn Four begins and the crossroads are heating up! My Panzer II moves forward again to get an optimal shot on the T-28 and destroys it.



The Panzer’s move forward wasn’t enough to get it out of range of the Anti-Tank unit, which was a calculated risk. The unit rushes forward and assaults the Panzer II in the street!

Their attack proves fruitless, and they’re left in the open. My Germans took this opportunity to answer and assaulted the Finns in the street. Street Fight!

The Germans had ‘tough fighter’ for this scenario and swiftly destroyed the Finn unit. They then consolidated back into the cover of the building.

The Finn infantry is out of the small wooded area and moves to assault Siegfried! I was left with a choice; open fire with a Medium Machine Gun and take as many infantry down as I could to slow their inevitable advance further into my table quarter, or recce further backwards into my own deployment area. I chose to open fire, which proved fruitless while only eliminating a single infantry unit.

The assault was successful and Siegfried was quickly dispatched to a burning hulk of twisted steel. Poor Siegfried!


The battle is very close quarters now as another assault is ordered on one of my half tracks. The infantry unit inside dismounts and meets the Finns for more hand-to-hand fighting.


The Finns were outnumbered and pitted against Tough Fighters. The Germans consolidated further up the street to continue the fight.

The remaining German unit in the half track dismounts and opens fire on the exposed Finns that took away our beloved Siegfried!

Coming up on the end of the Turn Four, the Finnish sniper and ATR team are still lagging behind and out of range. They move forward to get into the fight late in the game.

The beginning of Turn Five had the potential to completely turn the game. “Titan of Industry” was a special rule written into this scenario, which allowed the attacker (Duane) to bring any destroyed units from the previous turn onto the table as reserves. This had me concerned.

To start Turn Five, I got the first order and promptly opened fire on the exposed Siegfried killers, eliminating the unit and finally bringing swift justice to the awful invader.

The Germans inside the building fire at the unit across the street and end up wounding two Finns.

The Finns’ numbers are dwindling after the close fighting in the streets. The Panzer II opens fire on the same unit and wounds three more and the unit is forced to take the aptly named “check your pants check” when losing 50% of the unit (thanks for that, Chris). But this particular Finn is quite brave and stands his ground against the mighty Panzer.

In an unsuccessful attempt to destroy the unit, the half track moves up and puts more fire onto the brave Finn.

In true Batman Begins style, the half track surrendered sure footing for a killing blow. The Finn ATR team was on the bridge, just waiting for the opportunity to fire on the half track. The shot hit, but did not cause any damage. The lone sniper advanced again and attempted a shot at an exposed infantry unit, but failed.

This brought an end to Turn Five and a wonderful beginning to a truly humble and respectable concession speech by the attackers’ General. In the typical Chicago Bolt Action fashion, both players shook hands, smiled and congratulated each other on a hard fought and VERY fun game.

This was a very fun game with a very dynamic rules set that set it apart from any of the main rule book missions; which is always a welcomed change of pace. Thanks, Duane!

Many thanks to Dan at Draxtar games!

This was my first battle report so please feel free to let me know how you liked it!

Until next time, Wargamers! MadDog, out!