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Army Showcase – MadDog’s Blitzkrieg Germans

What’s up, Wargamers?! MadDog here with something I’ve wanted to do for a while now. I want to showcase my early war German army for everyone! This is the force I made for and used at World at War last year. I based it specifically off of one of the very first units to step into Poland in September of 1939. That was, of course, the theme for the event. Shout out to Weekend General for running that awesome tournament, by the way.

With this army, I won two accolades. Best Theme and Appearance, and Best Axis General. This is why I’m so proud of this army and I wanted to go through what I’ve built and share it with you.

To start, I’ll go through the recreation portion. Here is the first page of my ‘write up’, which will explain the units I based this army on.


September, 1939

Offensive on Poland, city of Mokra



Under the support of:



Commander: General Peter Weyer

I came up with a cool write up with some quotes and a little background on the unit itself, which was among the first specific units to set foot into Poland in 1939.

We’ll start off with my Command Staff.

Everything in my World at War list was rated at Regular. Didn’t make much sense, in my opinion, to have Veteran status units in September of 1939. As stated above, this unit was under the support of the Luftwaffe 4th Air Fleet. So naturally, I included Forward Air Observers. These are my favorite models in this army.

For my troop selections, I decided to keep it somewhat simple and thematic. 3 Regular infantry units, the NCO has a submachine gun and one light machine gun per squad. The rest were simply riflemen.

The squad machine gunners were all accompanied by their loader. I really liked building these models and having them close to the machine gunners. Doing this always keeps up the ‘cool factor’ for me.

The light infantry needs some transport so, in keeping with the theme of the event, I decided to stick exclusively with half tracks instead of trucks.

This was my first time building removable team bases, but I’m very happy with how they turned out. Here is the medium machine gun team.

For more infantry support, I chose another thematic unit, the Pak 36 ‘door knocker’, also with removable infantry.

I had a two choices for early war armored cars, but I chose the Skdfz 222 because I really like how they look.

It was common for these to be named. My 222 is named ‘Siegfried’. Check out my old friend Siegfried in action in my battle report here:

Last, but certainly not least, I chose the very thematic Panzer II.

I hope you all enjoyed taking a look at my award winning army! Share some pictures of your favorites below!

MadDog out!