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What Objectives does Mercenary Miniatures have planned for The New Year?

What Objectives does Mercenary Miniatures have planned for The New Year?

All of us at Mercenary Miniatures would like to wish everyone a happy and safe new year and share our objectives and plans for the upcoming

As our company grows and our ambitions follow suit we have a few things in the pipeline coming up for the gaming community.

Objective Markers

Have you ever questioned if your troops are wondering why they do what they do? Does Hans turn to Fritz and ask what’s the point of fighting over an enormous die? Or what purpose does high command have in mind when they send us out to secure that poker chip that is large enough to serve as King Arthur’s round table?

I know we have, but that’s also because we have a tendency to sit at our work stations marching our freshly painted troops around and simulating a battle complete with add “Pew Pew” sound effects. That’s why we worked on a solution.

Objective Markers! We will be releasing a set of three objective markers mid January so that your troops can fight over supplies and more relevant. They will be released in packs of three or sold individually.

First we will release a single set that will cover any game system set after the industrial age. We will then move on to some specific objective markers for games like bolt action and Warhammer 40,000. These will be designed around army themes, like having Panzerfausts for the Germans. As well as universe specific ones, like plasma generators for 40k.

Game Boards

We also plan on releasing a couple new game boards to tour the tournament scene this year. The sub pen that debuted at Adepticon 2015 and has been at every event we’ve been at since will be redone. With the new skill sets that we have acquired and technologies learned this table with the our crowning glory for some time to come. A new trench heavy gritty no mans land scared battlefield will be showing up at some point too. The last currently planned board for this year is a heavy urban board that will have some surprises in store for those that play on it.

These boards do not have a release date and we don’t want to promise their appearances at any particular events because we want to make sure that these boards are as playable and memorable for everyone who plays on them.

Out of the current boards, the Sub Pen and Pacific Island will be available for sale. If you are interested drop us an email at or talk to one of us at the upcoming this year (Polar Vortex, Adepticon, World at War, and Operation Sting to name a few)

Internally we have been refining our production processes to ensure the highest quality product reaches our customers.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and we hope to see you out at the tabletops!