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Operation Sting Primer @ Draxtar Games 9/27/15

Hello again everyone,

Sarge here telling all you fine Bolt Action players about the next tournament I am putting on at Draxtar Games in Batavia. This will be a special installment in our local tournament scene as I have talked to Brent and we are going to ise this as the official Operation Sting Primer event. The first 20 participants will receive a limited edition Soviet Female sniper model and there will be trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place (in addition to the usual store credit prize support).

So that being said, bring out your 1000 point single generic reinforced infantry platoon and give it some table time before Operation Sting and workout those last minute bugs before the big show in October.

Sign in will start at 1pm at Draxtar and tables will be called at 2pm. Each game will last 2 hours with a 30min lunch between game 1 and 2. Registration will be $10 ($5 to prize support and $5 to personal store credit).

Remember no vehicle flamethrowers and this time your commander must be equal to the highest veterancy in your platoon.

Anyquestions feel free to shoot me an email to

Hope to see you all out there!