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Mad Dog’s Operation Sting AAR (After Action Report)

Let me begin my report with a windy city wargaming salute to the coordinators of Operation Sting. They did a fantastic job with every facet of the tournament. From the rules to the game boards, Operation Sting was definitely not the tournament to miss. And word ’round the campfire is, they’re prepping for Adepticon.

So, as with any tournament, the storyline/campaign aspect is huge. The mission packets provided for the weekend had primary objectives based on the missions in the Bolt Action rulebook. They also provided special “secret missions” which provided each player the chance to gain up to five extra points. The part I applaud the coordinators for here is the fact that I did NOT have to reveal which secret mission I was pursuing. This aspect of the game is important because, just like any other miniature wargame, mastering sleight of hand and trickery will always ensure a swift and glorious victory. I will have to do another blog post on this later so please, stay tuned for that.

It’s Saturday morning, mission packets are issued, players are deploying their armies from their display boards and the dice are rolling for first deployment. Hands are offered to shake and a “good luck” is wished by both opponents. Now the fun begins.

The terrain was a gorgeous mix of scenic woodlands to very spacious urban towns. Each board had its own personality and mastering each one was a near impossible task. But for those who did, the roads, creeks, forests and buildings became the lifelines to securing victory.

The match ups were, much like the game itself, mostly historically accurate. I only heard of one occurrence of Allies fighting Allies. Otherwise, the entire night consisted of Allies vs. The Axis and this also added even more to the game. Unless I’m playing a Hydra themed German army, it doesn’t make much sense to be fighting another German army. As a Soviet player, I enjoyed that over the course of the weekend, I only played against the armies of Italy and Germany. Another salute to the coordinators for doing everything they could to make sure history was “preserved”.

The sportsmanship witnessed at Operation Sting was unlike anything I’ve seen. I had nothing but fantastic matches with great people who, like me, simply love the game and its history. There were a few stories of questionable conduct, but that comes with the territory of competition. Here’s another aspect that the coordinators added to the game that, in my eyes, encouraged sportsmanship and much more interesting play: Bolt Action Bingo! Mark off a square for each situation, get a full row and you’ve got yourself a prize! Some of the boxes were situations such as “eliminating a squad in hand to hand combat” and “damaging a vehicle without destroying it”. This encouraged players to truly test their mettle with their opponents and was just another addition to the tournament that made it the best I’ve ever been to.

I love to see the game growing as it is and I truly hope to see even more people at Operation Sting 2015!

Let’s all snap a sharp salute to the coordinators of Operation Sting! They’ve done a truly wonderful job and I can’t wait to see what they do at Adepticon!

Until next time, Wargamers!
Mad Dog, out!