Sneak peek of things to come

As we come up to the Dragonfall Bolt Action event, the team at Mercenary Miniatures is hard at work preparing some beautiful objective markers for the event. The event at DragonfallĀ rocking the weekend of October 15th and 16th has many events in store for all who stop by. Mercenary Miniatures’ own Chris Pawl and Mark…

List Submission for Dragonfall 2016!

If you are attending the Bolt Action Attrition Tournament at Dragonfall this year, please remember to submit your army lists to this weekend! If you have not gotten your tickets for the event yet head over to the registration page to secure your spot, space is filling up so hurry on up!

Windy City Wargaming Episode 20: Pre Dragon-Fall & Apparently we’ve been doing this 2 years now…Yay!

Welcome back everyone and thanks for popping in for another installment of WCWG! So Dragon-Fall is right around the corner (2 weeks from when I’m publishing this episode) and, as a sponsor and tournament organizers, we could not be more thrilled! Space is still available, but not too much, so if you’re on the fence,…

Bolt Action Dragonfall Tournament: Attrition

Dragonfall is coming October 16th 2016! Registration is still open for events! Registration Link Below isĀ are the details of the event, missions will be announced the day of the event. Note: These rules may be tweaked slightly for clarity prior to the event. Operation Dragonfall Commander, on the morning of October 16th you will marshal…

World At War Round Up

Hello Gamers! So the next podcast will be coming out next week and figured you all needed something to tide you over til then so, here it is! Over this past weekend (7/30/16) Our humble Bolt Action group (Northwest Chicago Suburbs Bolt Action, and yes, we’re working on the name) Held our first official themed…

Windy City Wargaming Episode 19: Guild Konflict & Balls ’47 (that cant be right….)

Welcome back loyal listeners! In this Episode, Mark and Chris talk Guild Ball and speculate on the upcoming Warlord Games Konflict ’47. Brought to you as always by: Dragon Fall Mercenary Miniatures Special Thanks to: World at War Draxtar Games Thanks for listening, and we’ll see you in Episode 20!

Windy City Wargaming Episode 18: Technology Be Damned!

So after getting our tech sorted out, we are back in business! In this epiosode, Mark and Chris sit down and talk Tanks, Halo Ground Command, Tammia Weathering Master kits, and much more! Thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you in a couple weeks. Brought to you as always by: Dragon Fall Mercenary Miniatures…

Windy City Wargaming Episode 17: Infinity…AND BEYOND!

In this episode Mark is introduced to Infinity, by Corvus Belli and we go through pur initial reactions to the game. Mark also goes into detail with a product review of Forge World Airbrush Paints. Brought to you as always by: \Mercenary Miniatures Dragon Fall and special thanks as always to: Draxtar Games

Windy City Wargaming Episode 16: After Adepticon Chat

We’re back with the next episode in our new format! Mark and Chris have Mad Dog Miller in the third chair so listen in as hilarity or something like it ensues as we discuss our Adepticon experiences. Brought to you as always by Mercenary Miniatures and Dragon Fall.

Windy City Wargaming Episode 15: New Format & Sponsor and Pre-Adepticon Talk

We’re back with episode 15 of the podcast debuting our new format for the show AND announcing our new sponsor, Dragon Fall! Listen in as we go over what we’re planing to get into trouble with at Adepticon this year. So look for either the Mercenary Miniatures polo shirts or the WCWG t-shirts and say…